Scientific Conference «Children and society»    

Scientific Conference «Children and society: social reality and innovations»

When: 23rd-24th of October, 2014


  • Russian Society of Sociologists;
  • Institute of Sociology (Russian Academy of Science);
  • INION.

Supported by the Russian State Children's Library.

(List is open)

Forms of participation:

  • full-time;
  • correspondence.

Relevance of the proposed theme of the conference is condition to several important factors. Complex of objects, events, age of childhood, social institutions and social practices with regard to children has formed and supported by the society. But children are not the only object of influence, they are an important structural element of society and interact with the other groups, actively exploring the reality and integrate into society. Realization of the «National Strategy of Actions in Children`s interests in 2012-2017» submits for sociologists wide field of contemporary relevance evaluation and examination of public policy and civil society efforts to improve the situation of children in the Russian Federation, the analysis capabilities of children as independent subjects of social life, ways to ensure participation children in matters that affect them directly. In modern Russian society expands the range of consumers of scientific knowledge about children. In these circumstances, becomes urgent sociologists cooperation with experts in the framework of socio-psychological, socio-educational, socio-cultural, and socio-laws studies. In connection with the new realities new knowledge will be significant for the «traditional» childhood specialists (teachers, child psychologists, etc.), and other important professional groups: heads of children's associations, workers' social institutions, lawyers, ombudsmen child employees of state agencies, committees on youth policy, the creators of children's communication media. They should also join the dialogue of public sociology and society.

Goals of conference:

  • conduct sociological performance audits and features of support for children in modern society;
  • spread modern scientific knowledge about the state of the domestic and foreign sociological studies of childhood in the community of scholars and practitioners with children;
  • formulate a list of issues and new research methods for the interdisciplinary study of childhood and children's communities.

Sections and scientific questions for discussion:

  1. Modernization of society and childhood: the clash of traditions and innovations (in relation to childhood in society and children's attitude to society, children's organizations as a mouthpieces of the voices of children in society and an element of civil society; secure infrastructure childhood, etc.);
  2. Children and Education (problems of preschool, school, additional education, training of professional cadre to support childhood: the mechanism of formation of the professional community);
  3. Socialization of children (prevalence deviancy in childhood and adolescence, the basic tendencies; risks and resources environment in formation the personality of the child, the role of social institutions (family, religion, information space - media, Internet, etc.));
  4. Atypical childhood: the world of children in difficult situations; socio-demographic features of children at-risk groups, children with disabilities, orphans, street children, etc.;
  5. Children's rights and public policy for children (children's welfare in a modernizing society: sociological monitoring and indicators of health, development and successful socialization; comparative analysis of foreign and international experience in the implementation of policies for children);
  6. Culture and children (children's subculture and culture for children, the role of the media, books, the Internet, games in the formation of modern lifestyle of children);
  7. Children and health (the way of a healthy lifestyle for children, self-preservation behavior, prospects and possibilities of anti-alcohol, anti-drug, anti-smoking and other prevention strategies);
  8. Family and children (reproductive attitudes, social care practices, development of parenting);
  9. Children and Economics (social specificity of childhood economy and the marketing research of children's goods and services);
  10. Ethno-national and regional features of socialization and education of children.


  1. Sociology of childhood in Russia and in the world (historiography, interaction with other sciences, problems of teaching in universities);
  2. Children` Representation of modern Russian society: public opinion of future modernizers;
  3. Patriotism and citizenship of children in modern Russian society: educate or socialize?
  4. Methodology features and research techniques of consciousness and behavior of children;
  5. From childhood to youth: borders, initiation, general and specific problems;
  6. Symposium «Pre-school educational organization and transformation of society».
    With support of Academy PK and PPRO, Russian Union of science-city development, the journal «Bulletin of Education in Russia», Interbranch center of integration of preschool organizations and RGNF (grant № 12-03-00490).


1.      Socio-cultural environment of modern preschooler: time to develop.

Session is carried out in the circuit implementation of «National Strategy of Actions in Children`s interests in 2012-2017» (decree №655 from 01.06.12) to facilitate «Modernization of regional systems of pre-school education» and aims to identify the social and professional status of teachers of preschool education in the context of their relationship with the child, family, society, government, the media. Revelance of session caused by the difficult situation in a professional group of teachers of pre-school education, which is characterized by a shortage of teachers and the increasing demand for services for this professional group, on the one hand, the introduction of the FGOS and the underfunding of the sector of services, on the other hand. Important aspects of the symposium is supposed to address issues of socialization of children, the study of the needs of parents in non-government pre-school organizations and especially the rights of children in the science-cities. On this site it is possible to identify how the science-cities create conditions for the continuity of generations, organize recreational and educational and business environment of the implementation of social technologies, social networking researchers, educators, and the professionalization of charity.

Session is accompanied by the module of an exhibition «Constellation of science-cities», presentations and master classes.

Co-Chairs of the Conference Organizing Committee:

  1. Mansurov V.A. – doctor of philosophy, professor, the president of Russian Society of Sociologists;
  2. Gorshkov M.K. – academician of Russian Academy of Science, the director of Institute of Sociology in Russian Academy of Science.

Planned to publish scientific papers to the conference.

To participate in the conference you need to fill out the registration form here and pay the registration fee until July 15, 2014.

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