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Session 1. Epistemological issues of sociological knowledge

Session 2. Development and realization of human potential in the regions of Russia

Session 3. Session of the CPS «Deurbanization migration in Russia and the development of human capital in small territories»

Session 4. Social inequality and social justice

Session 5. Student Sociology: Topics, Problems, Results

Session 6. Education and the labor market: social behavior of youth

Session 7. Social security in the digital age

Session 8. Subjective well-being in Russia and its regions

Session 9. Social foundations of the «conservative turn» in Europe and Russia (based on cross-country surveys)

Session 10. We remember, we are proud: the youth of Russia about the Great Patriotic War and the patriotic education of youth

Session 11. Governance and self-government in cities and regions of Russia: problems, reforms, social technologies

Session 12. Comparative Cross-Country Studies - Methodological Features

Section 1. Power, elites, society: dynamics of change

Section 2. Social communication as a reflection and catalyst of modern social processes

Section 3. Deviance and social control in postmodern society

Section 4. Gender Foresight-2020: Social Resources, Dynamics and Change of Gender Order

Section 5. Socio-cultural landscape of the modern Russian village: variety of forms and displays

Section 6. Ecosphere: traditions and innovations as the basis for a new quality of life in the regions. Socio-ecological practices: traditions and innovations in modern society

Section 7. Vitality of language: sociolinguistic aspect

Section 8. Formation of Russian sociology of management and organizations: main problems of theory and practice

Section 9. Social Institute of Medicine and Health of Russians in the Context of Global Digitalization of Society

Section 10. Social movements, collective action: new solidarities in modern society

Section 11. Sociology of Science and Technology. Society-technology-innovation: is mutual understanding possible?

Section 12. Older generation: education as a resource for the preservation and development of the social community of people of the «third age»

Section 13. Sociology of Politics

Section 14. Development of conflict management as a humanitarian discipline

Section 15. Sociology of digital society

Section 16. Internet and social transformations

Section 17. Sociology of culture: yesterday, today, tomorrow

Section 18. Interethnic relations in a socio-cultural context. Ethnic factor in international relations of the XXI century

Section 19. XVI All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference on the Interregional Program «Problems of Socio-Cultural Evolution of Russia and Its Regions» on the topic «New Trends in Socio-Cultural Evolution in the Regions of Russia»

Section 20. Traditional vs innovative mechanisms for the formation of professional activity. Professional dynasties as a social mechanism for the reproduction of professional groups

Section 21. The state of labor relations in Russia and their impact on the development of the domestic economy

Section 22. Sociology of additional and continuing education

Section 23. Risk: Problems of Adaptation to Innovations in a Transforming Society

Section 24. Modern sociology of physical culture and sports (on-line mode)

Section 25. Child in modern society: a combination of traditions and innovations of growing up

Section 26. Sociology of everyday life

Section 27. The process of transformation of the institutions of family, marriage, parenthood in Russia

Section 28. Self-regulation in the space of youth life: methodology and social practice

Section 29. Sociology and urban planning

Section 30. Problems of social management in the information society

Section 31. Methods of empirical research: new solutions to eternal problems

Section 32. Religious factor in modern Russia: traditions and innovations

Section 33. Transformation of the social structure of Russian society and social inequality

Round table 1. In search of trust and solidarity in universities in Russian regions

Round table 2. Well-being in the subject field of scientific research

Round table 3. Volunteering in emergency situations as a response to social and environmental challenges in Russia

Round table 4. Innovations in the regions: human capital, comfortable living environment, economic growth

Round table 5. Digitalization of higher education in Russia and abroad and the Russian labor market: digital gaps and competencies

Round table 6. Russian infocommunication space in the light of digitalization: new research approaches, security and ethics issues

Round table 7. Professional standard of a sociologist and higher sociological education

Round table 8. Higher education in the countries of the Eurasian Union: strategies for achieving educational success and competitiveness

Round table 9. XXII readings in memory of A. Kharchev «Sociology and social sciences: new contexts of interaction»

Round table 10. Sustainable development of rural areas

Round table 11. Social problems of the Arctic

Round table 12. The history of Russian sociology as a methodology and heuristic resource of cognition of Russian society

Round table 13. The community of professional sociologists: diagnostics and cartography of modern Russian sociology

Round table 14. Relevance of the problem of social group formation in the regions of the Russian Federation with different levels of socio-cultural modernization in the context of solving strategic problems of the country's development

Round table 15. Social justice in interethnic relations

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